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Nuggy's Tobacco Shack; the best little hidden secret in the U.P., Upper Peninsula, Escanaba, Michigan.

Nuggy's offers some of the best quality glass products in the the U.P. Our glass blowers have great workmanship when producing glass art work such at ornaments, glass pipes, chilliums, Sherlock, miscellaneous unique glass pipes.

make sure to check back often because we add unique new items regularly.

Featured Products

Quick Fix Plus
Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible
American Weigh Scale Blade Digital Pocket Scale 650 X 0.1 G
Beer Card Game
Zig Zag Strawberry Wraps
Juicy Double Wrap (2x) - Lychee
Cyclones Xtra Slow Wonderberry Flavored Cones with Dank 7 Tip
Raw Kingsize Unbleached Cones
Green Grass Stuff & Puff Palm Tubes
Zen 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine
Raw Tips
Zig Zag White Singlewide Rolling Papers
Raw Singlewide Rolling Papers
Elements Aficionado 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay 1 1/4 Grape Flavored Rolling Papers
Blue color changing wrap and rake spoon
color changing green wrap and rake sherlock
Inside out pink Chillum with design and gold fume
Highlighter Pipe
Glass Quartz Bat
Long Cigarette Metal Bat
Large Wood Twist dugout
The Davinci  Portable Digital Vaporiozer
EZ Vape Tabletop Vaporizer
Hydro Water-pipe Amber Color
Limited edition WhoopZip  t-shirt featuring artist Jason Lee
Gamucci Micro USB Starter Kit  Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette full flavor
Gamucci Micro Cartomizers - Vanilla1.6%
Gamucci Micro Cartomizers Original 1.6% Regular
Kannabliss Couch Lock
Glass BHO Extractor
Large Bamboo steamroller
Glass oil dome set
The Thunder Dome
Atmos Thermo Portable oil Vaporizer
Ez Vape V2  digital vaporizer
Vapor Cone Elite Portable Vaporizer
Budweiser beer bottle water pipe
Zen Super Shooter Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine
Red acrylic water pipe
Bob Marley - One Love - 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle
NoGoo nonstick Container
19mm blue ash catcher
19mm oil dome with regular glass bowl and glass wand set
19mm glass nail
Replacement 14 mm clear oil dome
Clear Inline water-pipe with blue accents
Handblown glass elephant pipe
North Face Herbal Smoke Blend (Blue)
South Face Herbal Smoke Blend (Yellow)